Etaíne na Preachain

Etaíne, shieldpainting at Pennsic LXIII
Etaíne, shieldpainting at Pennsic XLIII / Photo by Monika Townsend

I am a bard, cook, necklace-maker, woad-painter, and logistics wrangler in a Celtic living history group called Clanne Preachain. I’ve been writing poetry and songs in that context since 1998. I’m finally (as of 2014) starting to put them online, with the most-requested pieces first.

Nine: A Song of the Varian Disaster (Special 15th Anniversary Edition!!)

The Turning Round: Preachain’s Quarter-Days song. The tune came to me at Samhain of 1999 or 2000, I think, but the words didn’t start happening until years later.

Fuse: From 2002, this started as a “don’t lose my mind over a frustrating workday” and swiftly turned into a credo.

Welcome: Composed in 2016—new parents asked for a baby-blessing. I was surprised at what came out, but it’s just right.

How I Woad: Using Woad for Body Painting: Originally put together as a handout for a class at Pennsic.

Children’s Song – Green Grows the Mistletoe: Written in 1999, but it has spread to a couple of families, I got a request for the words in August 2016, and I did a recording of it in April 2017.

Kernel: When I decided to be an artist: Written in December 2001 about something that happened at Imbolc 1998.