The Mysteries of Google, continued

Google has changed its favicon in Firefox, but not in Internet Explorer. [1]
In IE it’s still the boxy capital G we’re all used to.
In Firefox, it’s suddenly the lower-case g (“good girl’s glasses”).
Weird how such a small thing can be such a big distraction.
(Not unlike corn in Italian wedding soup.)

[1] Is this a geek badge?

2 thoughts on “The Mysteries of Google, continued”

  1. I suspect that it isn’t that they only did it in one place but that the image caching settings on your IE are different from those in your Firefox.

  2. Ha! Not a geek badge at all. It’s a geek badge for Jeanne. I’ll try a hard refresh and see what happens.
    Which leads to the question: Why the change in the first place?

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