It’s not like a rollercoaster.

Just got back from Cloverfield at the Uptown. I’m almost not-queasy enough (an hour after the movie ended) to think about maybe being able to drink a glass of water.

While it’s true that I can ride rollercoasters all day and not feel sick, the experience was a bit more like trying to read in the car (as a passenger, I mean.) Only the car and everything around it is being blown up/shot at/consumed by an earthquake, and every once in a while you get a glimpse of a pretty cool monster.

I had my eyes closed for most of the movie, but weirdly don’t feel that I wasted my $10 on the ticket. The soundtrack gives good clues of when there’s monster action, and overall it was an entertaining experience. I just can’t truthfully say that I’ve seen it. I saw maybe twelve minutes of it. My neck kinda hurts now, from the tension.

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