Mutant Super Power

As you may know, I have a mutant super power: being able to identify actors from one role to another, even through full-head Star Trek alien makeup or a 40-year age difference.
A slightly alarming variation just occurred: I’m watching the 1963 film Tom Jones. Susanna York[1] stars as Sophia Western. “She looks an awful lot like Samantha Morton,” I thought. I paused the movie to check imdb to see if they are blood relations. They aren’t.
But in the 1997 miniseries The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling (which I have not seen), Sophia Western is played by…Samantha Morton.

[1] There do not appear to be any pictures of Susanna York circa 1963 available on the Internet, alas, so I can’t demonstrate just how eerie this is.