A retraction, and a recommendation.

Retraction: I’d like to take back the mean thing I said about tilapia the other day. Not the “bamboo of fish” part; the “I’d rather eat tofu” part. On Monday I made a dredge out of ground flax seeds and coriander (seed) and orange peel, and dipped the fish in egg white and then in the dredge, and baked it, and put it in the fridge. Yesterday I heated/crisped it up in a frying pan and ate it over a spinach and grapefruit salad, and it was very very delicious. Also, a tilapia filet is a very nice convenient 4-oz portion.

Recommendation: Need any really cool animals made out of junk?

Biggest acorns ever

The giant mutant acorns I saw are apparently from a bur (or burr) oak, Quercus macrocarpa. I’ll bring one to the office to show you. Web images are mostly lacking in scale—I had to look for about half an hour before finding the image that clinched the identification. I’ll check the leaves tomorrow too, if I can do so without incurring the wrath of the guards of the Bethesda Naval Hospital, where the tree is.