I have a huge crush on MailChimp

On Wednesday, I found myself in need of sage advice to help manage expectations and soothe frustrations with the process of switching bulk email providers. I spent a couple hours late on Wednesday night noodling around on the MailChimp site and thinking about how much I love them, and then thinking that the Top Ten Totally Sweet Things About MailChimp (Today) would make a cheerful and possibly useful post.

First, a little back-story: Almost everything I know about bulk email best practices I learned from MailChimp. Circa 2002, I needed to convince my executive director to get permission from people before sending them bulk email, and to update our list once in a while. I was new, and green, and practically not a geek at all [1]. My advice did not sway her. MailChimp’s materials did. Continue reading I have a huge crush on MailChimp