Look! It’s Will! (I’ve been thinking the same thing. But it looks more like Will.)

My crocuses are gone, and the daffodils are starting to look a little dried out and sad. The cold snap means I have not yet planted nasturtiums and snapdragons to take the place of the gone-by bulbs in my flower-border. I was getting really crabby about that, and then this morning suddenly the narcissi under the maple tree have come up, and some tulips that I forgot about are in bud. Whee.

Good job, Lunch Man

I just wanted to say thanks for the Lunch Man tip to go get sushi yesterday. The Sake Club is much more pleasing than its jarring Flash site would suggest. Hamachi with shiso was wrapped in beautiful serrated aromatic leaves, instead of just having little slivers of shiso rolled in with the fish. The genmaicha was brought in a teapot with a tiny cheerful white rabbit with brown ears as the lid-knob. Infinitely preferable to a conference lunchtable.

I can hear the bees a-clicking!

Check out this piece of serious geek beauty (YouTube, with music). It and other things I learned today have intensely excited the robot bees. They are giddy, energized, and incredibly noisy. I bet you could hear them clicka-ticking if you put your ear against my ear.

I just had a moment of intense nostalgia for Max Headroom. I wanted to use the word “blipvert” as a simile—”It’s like a blipvert, but in a good way”—but then I remembered you were Max Headroom-deprived. It’s not available on Netflix (peeve!) or to purchase on DVD anywhere (outrage!!), but is apparently available here on AOL Video.


I’ve spent a whole week a-taking of my dolce far niente. Be proud of me—I accomplished nothing at all beyond practicing doing what I felt like. I lived on ice cream for two days, and watched all of Freaks & Geeks and Blue Planet. Came down to Kelby & Lonan’s in Scottsville last night following Nessa and Rona’s smash hit at the Lovettsville Elementary talent show (with two friends, they dressed as the cutest pirates you’ve ever seen and sang Bully in the Alley).
Dinner tonight includes 3 pies (the new piecrust technique coming in handy again), and mashed potatoes with extra skin ’cause we made ’em from the cored-out casings of spud gun ammo. Most people (3 kids, 10 adults, 3 dogs) are currently engaged in an all-out humans vs. zombies battle. Nessa just yelled “Mom, Mom! I need the chainsaw!!” Alas, Tara has bitten me on the ankle, so I oughta go get some cherry pie before all I want to eat is brains…