The Opposite of Mediocrity

According to today’s news:

A man about to be executed decided to make one final gesture of goodwill before his imminent arrival at St. Peter’s Gate or some alternative place of judgment. Instead of keeping his last meal for himself, he asked that his meal (a veggie pizza) be given to the first homeless person found outside the prison.

The prison officials (seemingly less worried about their respective judgment days, or consigned to the fact that their fates are already sealed) would not meet the man’s request, citing the prison’s policy of not donating to charities. What a fantastic policy!

Thankfully, not all people are so callous. Nearby homeless shelters were flooded with donated pizzas from kind-hearted people throughout the area, including one woman who with a group of friends delivered 150 pizzas to one local shelter.

Cool story, lame graphics

I’m a big fan of astronomy-related news, so this was a nice little read. But I’d much rather prefer some Hubble shots of this supernova than the artist’s rendition chosen instead. The drawing evidently shows what the star “may have looked like when it exploded.”

My two grudges:
1) I’m not a big fan of concept pictures unless the subject is purely theoretical or immensely difficult to capture. I’ve seen plenty of real exploding star pics to know this is not the case here. Why should I believe the artist? “May have looked like” is not a very convincing disclaimer.

2) If you are going to use a concept picture of what an exploding star might look like, go all out! We’re talking about the brightest supernova ever! That’s the picture you choose?! C’mon! What about this or this?!


Look! It’s Will! (I’ve been thinking the same thing. But it looks more like Will.)

My crocuses are gone, and the daffodils are starting to look a little dried out and sad. The cold snap means I have not yet planted nasturtiums and snapdragons to take the place of the gone-by bulbs in my flower-border. I was getting really crabby about that, and then this morning suddenly the narcissi under the maple tree have come up, and some tulips that I forgot about are in bud. Whee.

Good job, Lunch Man

I just wanted to say thanks for the Lunch Man tip to go get sushi yesterday. The Sake Club is much more pleasing than its jarring Flash site would suggest. Hamachi with shiso was wrapped in beautiful serrated aromatic leaves, instead of just having little slivers of shiso rolled in with the fish. The genmaicha was brought in a teapot with a tiny cheerful white rabbit with brown ears as the lid-knob. Infinitely preferable to a conference lunchtable.