WordyWoady Visual Arts

For decades, I boxed myself in artistically, believing myself to be “a writer.” Apparently, there’s a lot more to it.


Photography and (maybe, soon) photos of my other artwork are on my SmugMug site, including the ongoing series “Coping Trails and Grind Business” (one example is above).

According to my friend Colin, my living room “is like a lot of Cornell boxes, only without the boxes.” I bower-bird found objects into patterns pleasing to my mind and heart and eye. I live surrounded by art, nearly every breath.

I paint people with woad. I notice things, and take photos of them. Sometimes I take photos of people I have painted with woad. I make little installations and altars everywhere.

I started taking photos with some seriousness in 2014. In 2016, I made myself a SmugMug page and started putting pictures in organized galleries there, instead of just posting them on Facebook. I have grandiose dreams of setting those galleries up so people can purchase my photos, but I haven’t quite lined up all the ducks.