At long last, a product

The new multi-contributor blog for the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project launched today. This is the first major visible-to-the-public result of my team’s work since I started at K4Health at the end of August. There are still some tweaks to be made and kinks to iron out; I don’t think there’s a WYSIWYG CMS interface in existence that doesn’t have inconvenient idiosyncrasies. But overall, it’s an immensely satisfying product, born out of an immensely satisfying process. I learned some valuable lessons about web fonts and font smoothing, coordinating quality assurance teams who are geographically dispersed (i.e., not all working in the same time zone), the complexities of legacy development environments, and the myriad tiny pieces of promotion that follow after a product goes live. Looking forward to a restful winter break.