From sexy Vikings to sexy monsters.

It somehow came up following our staff meeting this morning that vampires are sexy. (Work morale has been a lot better the past few months, have I mentioned?) This started us on a fairly lively discussion about how other monsters generally are not sexy. (We did decide that werewolves can be sexy too, depending on how they are portrayed.)
This of course led to some musings on what constitutes a “monster” vs. a “non-monster”, e.g., are faeries/goblins monsters or not? Because if monsters, then they can belong in the “sexy” column (e.g., David Bowie’s Jareth in Labyrinth (technically a goblin), Roiben in Tithe).
So, I know Macromediocrity doesn’t have a lot of readers, but I’m looking for nominations of “monsters that are sexy besides vampires”, with the above caveat that we don’t have a very stable definition of what a monster actually is.

2 thoughts on “From sexy Vikings to sexy monsters.”

  1. i think that any monsters can be sexy depending on how they are portrayed and who they are in the book-movie-whatever

    most of the time it is Vampires and werewolf iv read a lot of book and most of the time it vampires werewolfs and vikings that are the sexy main characters!!

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