Too busy to blog

Bunch of quick notes:

  • Outdoor birds indoors: I’m in favor. Sparrows in Costco, sparrows in National Airport. “Wild hawk in loading dock!” at my car dealership. More power to them.
  • Blue candy: Generally, I’m against. Blue m&ms, blue sour skittles, wrong wrong all wrong. Exception: Blue Cadbury’s mini eggs. Perfectly fine. Probably because they are a blue that occurs in nature, as opposed to “blue raspberry slush puppy” blue.
  • Pralines: I’m in favor. Especially when there’s a nice cup of cafe au lait to go with.
  • The Vieux Carre: In favor, except I think I’d like it best when there wasn’t much going on. I couldn’t live there, because I would hate the tourists.
  • Virtual water: um, neither pro nor con. It’s just another thing to figure into the eco-guilt equation.
  • Voice mail: You know how when you call your cellphone voicemail, there’s 15 seconds of “instructions” you don’t need? That costs us $100 million dollars a year. $100M we’re paying to the cellphone companies for “You have eight new messages. To listen to your messages, press one… to listen to new messages, press one…”
  • Cellphone 411: Never again. Send your questions as txt to 46645 .
  • 50% of U.S. households don’t have high speed Internet. That. Sucks.