That’s a little more than I wanted.

So, you know how the packaging on the (admittedly very delicious) Saphara Tea makes me crazy with the wastefulness? I was just going to give them a piece of my mind when I discovered this:

They have music for each kind of tea.
Downloadable music.
From the “Saphara World Music Player.”
In case you need a more multi-media tea experience.

It’s gone too far.

Oh, and apparently “Saphara offers an exclusive combination of premium teas and social responsibility. The packaging is composed of 100 percent recycled paperboard, which includes 35 percent post-consumer material. All printing is done with 100 percent vegetable-based inks for full biodegradability, and the pyramid bags, strings, tags, overwrap and carton are all made from biodegradable materials to minimize impact on the environment.”

The fact that “some trash” has higher environmental impact than “no trash” does not seem to have sunk in. I’m going to do that piece-of-mind thing now.